It’s a Wonderful Life

This time of year more than any can be emotionally and mentally trying,
not only for us but for our loved ones as well.
In connection with our production of It’s a Wonderful Life,
Theatre Agápe has put together local resources to help. 

From American Foundation for Suicide Prevention:

Surviving a suicide loss

What to do when someone is at risk:

If someone tells you they’re thinking about suicide:

Risk factors, protective factors, and warning signs:

Trans Lifeline (they won’t call the authorities if someone says they’re experiencing suicidal ideation):

Local Orgs:

Life is better with you here (through Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation):

Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation:

Peg’s Foundation – Located in Summit County and doesn’t fund outside of the county but could be good to partner with as they focus on arts, education, and mental health

Clear Pathways – Through Peg’s Foundation, focuses on adults in mental health

Frontline – Mobile Crisis of Cuyahoga County

Mental Health Assessment: Click here

Feeling overwhelmed? Here’s a quick message from our Director of Social Impact, Jazmine Danner, MSSA, LISW-S:
“Don’t try to change/improve everything at once.
At most, work on one area from each section of the assessment.”

We are here.

We are here.

Sarah Lynne and Douglas Bailey are theatre artists who have been working, creating, and raising a family in the Greater Cleveland area for the past 15 years. 

Too often we have seen our beloved artform repeatedly present barriers to entry. We want to fix that.

Our Mission: Theatre Agape is an inclusive, purpose-driven community of theatre artists that partners with other non-profit organizations to raise awareness and funds for their charitable endeavors while also allowing them to join in our artistic efforts.

…putting our service where our art is.

  • We offer artistic opportunities to anyone who wants to be an artist.
  • We are building accessibility and inclusion into the core of who we are and what we do. These aren’t afterthoughts that lead to a watered-down experiences. Accessibility and inclusion are the pillars on which we build our projects.
  • We use our platform to spread the word about other nonprofits while involving their constituents in the productions themselves.

Our work is threefold:

  1. We make inclusion and accessibility for participants and audience members more of a reality.
  2. We aim to bring acceptance and awareness to the larger community through inclusion.
  3. We give our proceeds directly to programs who have demonstrated effective offerings for those marginalized communities.